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The International Tango Argentino Foundation (TITAF) is dedicated to preserve and restore all records Tango and ensure long-term durability and public access.


The International Tango Argentino Foundation (TITAF) is dedicated to preserve and restore traditional Tango music and ensure long-term durability and public access.

Together, we preserve the cultural heritage for future generations. We achieve this by digitalizing analog material, openly distributing knowledge, as well as supporting education and collaboration.

We are open to collaborations with universities, companies and public institutions to foster knowledge exchange and technical development. Our main supporters are members of TITAF who support TITAFs activities with an annual membership as well as sponsors, who give support for a specific project in need of a one-time investment. 

With your help, we can save the cultural heritage of Tango music!

TITAF is a not-for-profit organization registered in Austria. The executive board comprises digitization experts and Tango aficionados in Austria, Argentina and the world. 

The registration of the organization is currently under way.

Our expertise

Music collection & archives

We buy, archive and preserve large collections of Tango music, as well as other music. Fragile material (shellac discs, books) are professionally stored and cared for.

Restauration & transfer

Shellac discs from the 1920ies to the 1950ies are digitalized according to international standards. At 2 transfer stations in Buenos Aires and Vienna (Austria), authentic digital copies of historical footage are produced.

Publication & education

Own study results as well as collaborative scientific research is made freely available to the public. We support educational programs, artist promotion and help with training and workshop material. 

Who we are

TITAF has a well-known and proven team.

Originating from TangoTunes since 2013, these are our board members:

  • Christian Xell
  • Sabine Melnicki
  • Andrew Halifax
  • Fernando Vicente
  • Martin Haslehner
  • Christian Tobler



We believe

  • all music lovers around the world should be able to listen to the original Tango,
  • all Tango music on original material should be preserved and made available for the public, and
  • the musical knowledge gained in the process is something worth shared with others.

At TITAF, we strive to keep what shall not be lost or damaged, to tell what shall not be forgotten and to publish what shall not be hoarded in dark archives.

A letter from the founder

Dear Tango lovers and supporters,

with a strong force I can say that I am proud to welcome you to TITAF, to show what we have already achieved and what lies ahead of us, and to invite you to be part of this exciting journey.

With TITAF, we can bring the music transfer to the next level and create a safe future for these transfers within a transparent institution open for cooperation and participation.

Starting in 2011 with the first shellac disc in my hand, I would not have thought where this would lead us. Our goal was always to never compromise quality, which has lead to many detours, rebounds and recommencements. Without the hard work of the team and all the listeners, DJs, dancers and Tango fans worldwide that gave us feedback, we would not have yet come this far. We will continue with your support on a larger scale and with larger impact. Best Tango music for everybody!

Thank you for joining in on this ronda. And, like us, never cease learning.

¡Un gran abrazo!

—Christian Xell, founder of TangoTunes and TITAF

Every shellac deserves a good transfer.

—Christian Xell, founder

Current Projects

Only the best for beloved tunes

A new digitalization station, education and publication – read about all current projects you can be part of by supporting.

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