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From archiving to restoration and transfer find out about the projects you can support. 

Hello, how can we help?

We are open to any interesting communication. Most of our process development has been started by an idea of friends and critics. So go ahead and reach out to us! Here are some ideas on how to best get in contact.


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Say hello

We love to say hello and connect, the best way to do so is via Social Media.

Technical support

Please reach out to us via hello@titaf.org. Our technical staff will do their best to help you with website related questions.

How to find us


TITAF in Austria

The base for TITAF in Austria is in the beautiful city of music, Vienna.

Say Hi when in Vienna! And join in at the local milonga at Galeria Ideal.

TITAF Austria
TITAF Foundation



TITAF in Argentina

TITAF has a base in Argentina, where a lot of transfers take place. Also, most shellacs are stored in Argentina.

Say Hi when in Buenos Aires!

TITAF Argentina
TITAF Foundation
Buenos Aires



TITAF in the US

With a new transfer station and local experts on digital sound transfer, we have stepped over the boarder to the US.

Say Hi when in Charlotte!

TITAF Foundation


Knowledge base

Sponsorship, Donation, Membership

When you tell the story to a friend, you already helped us. However, financial support, whether through direct sponsorship or smaller donations, or by becoming a member, is the most important vehicle for TITAF.

To this day, there is no other institution (worldwide!) that has the knowledge and experience to archive and digitalize Tango shellacs as TITAF has gained over the years. We love to collaborate with experts in the field, but cannot wait until somebody else picks up the ball – it might be too late then.



Our team is currently spread out between Austria, Argentina and the USA. There we can be found at concerts, milongas, festivals and other cultural events. In case you fancy a good glass of red wine, get in contact to catch up with us there. For business related issues, please schedule a meeting with us.

We live in the digital world of computers and need to rest our ears. – In all seriousness: At the moment, there is no way we can put a person behind the phone in 3 different time zones. Sorry! In cases, where email won’t suffice for communication, we can always arrange a phone call.

Uh-oh, sorry to hear! Please simply drop us a short email and we will try our best to help you with the issue as soon as possible.


Every shellac deserves a good transfer.

—Christian Xell, founder

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The shellac transfer

Get to see how it works

A shellac transfer is an elaborate, difficult and time-consuming process. 

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