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With your support, we work for the preservation of Tango Argentino for today’s milongas and future generations.

How you can support TITAF help Tango

There are several ways how you can support TITAF, but the most needed support is financial support. The three options membershipsponsorhip and donations

If your company or institution is interested in As a company, institution interested in sponsorship, we encourage you to get in contact with us. Interested in supporting as a privat person, read on. We walk you through the details for membership.



As a member, you support TITAF continuously. You profit from special offers and stay up-to-date with what’s happening. Memberships are recurring yearly support. Your membership entitles you to use the TITAF membership badge on your website or printed material. Members get listed with their name on our website.

Our membership options include:

  • Wooden member: € 60/year
  • Silver member: € 120/year – for dancers, musicians, and fans
  • Gold member: € 240/year – for DJs, and dance studios
  • Diamond member: € 600/year – for small institutions

It is a recurring membership until further notice!

Become a member:

Who benefits from your membership?

The Tango community

Original material is endangered to disappear: Collections are damaged, burnt down or simply thrown away. Furthermore, fragile material like shellac and old paper need careful handling and professional treatment. This needs a lot of expertise and historical knowledge, that only a handful of people worldwide possess. A lot of research is needed to constantly improve the digitalization processes, until the final tune can be heard at the Milonga.

The DJs and dancers

Digital transfers of Tango music ensure better music quality overall and at milongas and festivals especially. Have you ever seen a dancer with sparkling eyes telling the DJ, “great music!” Good quality cannot only be heard, but felt and experienced.


Whether you are supporting us with a few well-earned bucks or investing a larger amount of your heritage – it is all supporting a good, honourable cause in love for an inclusive Tango world.



You can support TITAF financially towards particular projects or parts of certain projects. This way, you can support the causes that are most important to you. Sponsorships are usually larger one-time payments for a particular project. Sponsors get a mention and big thank you on the according project page.

As a sponsor, you donate directly to your preferred project. Move on to the projects page, choose your project and follow along until payment. During the payment process we will ask you whether you would like to be named as a sponsor or prefer to stay anonymous.


Current projects include the purchase of large shellac collections from collectors in Argentina, the setup of a further digitalization station and the advancements of education programs.



With your donation, you support the work of TITAF with any small or large amount. This financial support is used where needed and does not necessarily go towards a certain project. Donations are usually one-time payments of any amount.

 Donate now via PayPal (PayPal, credit card). Every little help counts!


Tell the story of Tango, share your passion and love for this wonderful cultural heritage. Tell people about this project and get involved in local activities.

Please reach out to us for information and promo material.

Tango ambassadors help support the cause by telling the story of Tango and TITAF. They act non-profit and there is no money involved. What we can offer them in return is space and mentions on our website and newsletter as well as information/education material.

Become an ambassador.

With your donation, you directly support the preservation of the heritage of Tango Argentino.

Thank you!

About the foundation

Read about the the origin, setup and projects of the foundation.

Our projects

For sponsoring projects directly, we have compiled an overview over upcoming projects. See your impact.

How to donate

Learn everything you need to know around your donation. It’s easy, but you still might want to know.

Contact & help

Read through our knowledge base or get in contact with us.

Let's face it: If we don't act now, there is a high chance a lot of the material will be gone in 10 years time.“

—Franklin Boulder, musician

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